Apologies to my followers…

I have not been posting much lately as the whole Federal Death Administration Compliance has been a boat load of trouble for people who believe that they should be in charge of their own health and wellness… apparently I am not in compliance with the new regulations about this site, as such it will be going offline permanently as this is easier than attempting to figure out the compliance issues that we might or might not have when I say things like you should use Lavender for your allergies as it is a well known natural anti-histamine and if you combine it with the cleansing effect of lemon and the breathing support of peppermint you will find help with those nasty seasonal issues that you are having….

I am going to be on a break for a bit longer until I sort this out… when I do I will be back with old content rewritten and new content!

~ The¬†EODude!¬†(formerly the doDude… I will miss him…)